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2nd v 3rd in Top Match

St Ives v Kingsbridge Saturday 11th November 2023

It is just over six years since Kingsbridge last came to St Ives. St Ives were progressing and gained wins home and away in that season against our visitors from south Devon. We were promoted and then, well we know our history….. Kingsbridge meanwhile continued in the Western Counties West league where they have played their rugby for most of the last twenty years. On the only other occasions when the teams met, Kingsbridge had a points difference of over 200 in just four fixtures. That was during the 2013-15 seasons. Ben Jenkins and Jamie Prisk are the current squad members who played for The Hakes at that time. Kingsbridge may bring as many as five who appeared in previous visits; Jon Merrin, Fred Buckle, Dan Jarvis, Stu Winzer and Ben Newman.

This is undoubtedly to be billed as a big game within this league; 2nd on 32pts against 3rd on 30pts, both with six wins from eight. Both teams have conquered Bideford and Falmouth away from home. St Ives remain unbeaten at home. In the words of our visitors' latest match report, "Next week's trip to St Ives might hold a clue as to just how close to the top we will finish."

One can envy the development of the game at Kingsbridge for girls and women, where they have regular fixtures. This is a direction the St Ives club wish to move towards also.

For St Ives Grant Thirlby makes a welcome return from injury, while it also a welcome back for Dan Harry who takes up a place on the bench for the first time this season. The rest of the squad has a familiar look.


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