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St Ives RFC’s Membership

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Membership 2021-2022

Club Membership Fees for the 2021-22 season are as follows.

Fees will be set for the start of the season and remain constant throughout that season. Membership Fees should be handed to:

The Membership Secretary; Phil Allen or

The Players’ Representative

The Membership Categories are:




SENIOR (+ 65 YEARS) £30.00


Make payment >>>>

St Ives RFC’s reasons for keeping the categories at these levels are:

  1. they correspond to the various categories of membership outlined in RFU Guidelines and allow the club to discount prices where appropriate

  2. no one will be prevented from becoming a member of St Ives RFC due to any financial impact on their personal circumstance

  3. these categories represent the community’s aspirations

  4. the present system works well.

In future as many membership fees as possible should be paid through the use of BACs and other electronic payment systems. If cash payments are still preferred then it MUST be given to the Membership Secretary and/or The Players’ Representative. This is essential in order to safeguard those of us who handle quite substantial cash sums.

For the 2021-22 season why not pay your membership fee online at www.StIvesSWRFC and follow the link to the membership page?


Phil Allen

Membership Secretary                                  

September 2021

The club wishes to express sincere thanks to ST IVES MOT TEST CENTRE and ST IVES BUS Co for their continued sponsorship of St Ives RFC’s Membership and Loyalty Discount Cards.




  1. The Membership Card is also the Loyalty Discount card. It needs to be always carried with you as it is your main means of entry to the Ground and Clubhouse. Please note your Membership Card Number.

  2. Membership entitles you to receive a 10% discount on drinks purchased from the bar. In order to receive this, you need to complete the membership application form online or collect a form from the membership board, return this form to the membership secretary with your full payment. Membership categories are also outlined on the membership board. Please select the category most appropriate for you. The 10% discount will automatically be deducted from your card.

  3. Whenever you use your card, you will receive a receipt showing the transactions you have made.

  4. When you use your card, your name will appear on the till’s viewfinder enabling the staff to check that the card is not being misused.  MISUSED CARDS WILL BE STOPPED.

  5. If you misplace your card, please inform the Clubhouse Staff immediately as lost cards can be replaced. It can be used for consecutive seasons if you continue to be a member.

  6. Membership entitles you to FREE PARKING at the clubhouse on MATCH DAYS ONLY. It does not entitle you to free parking at any other time.

You can pay your membership, via online banking, using the following BAC’s details;


BANK:                       Barclays Bank

ACCOUNT NAME:       ST IVES RFC International Ticket Account

SORT CODE:             20-45-45

ACCOUNT NUMBER:   40622664

Please reference your payment with your Surname/M21-22


Your details will only be used by St Ives RFC for your club membership, to inform you of St Ives RFC related events, changes to fixtures, social gatherings etc. Please submit the form below which indicates your acceptance of this request.

Thanks for your membership.

Don't forget to make your payment.

Phil Allen will issue your membership card and ask for your signature to a hard copy of the acknowledgement in due course at the clubhouse on match days.