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The clubhouse


St Ives RFC clubhouse was originally built in the early 1970s. It was at the time said to be the best facilities for players and supporters this side of Bristol.


Today the facilities include a large function room which can be booked. (See the separate page regarding weddings and other special occasions). The bar is a freehouse and offers a good variety of beers, spirits and other drinks. To the rear of the function room there are two meeting rooms for club officials. This is the bar most often used on match days. There is also a members bar, which is smaller, recently refirbished and allows for independent bookings of the main bar.

On the playing side there are four changing rooms with showers between each pair. Although built before the days of squads of 18+, the changing rooms are of more than adequate size to meet current requirements. There are two referees' rooms with showers, a first aid room, storage for kit and equipment and an office for the coach and other officials.


The clubhouse is located at the west end of the playing surface behind the goal line. It affords reasonable shelter from the worst of the weather. The large function room, therefore, looks out onto the pitch and provides good viewing for the infirm, aged and disabled should they wish to remain indoors to watch the match.


Catering of hot drinks, snacks and meals is provided on match days just inside the function room. Finally, there is a fitness gym which is run separatley to the club, but provides good weith training and resistance training facilities.

Call: 01736 795346
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