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A Baby Prisk

It is with great joy that the family Prisk have announced the arrival of a baby boy, Henry Paul Prisk born 11/01/2016 3.36am @ 8lbs 3oz. Mother, baby, dad, granny, grandad, uncles all doing fine.

For anyone reading this news who is unsure of the reasoning behind its importance and justifiable inclusion on this blog, let me briefly explain. Father Jamie is our ever present second row, who is having his best ever season with The Hakes. His brother, Todd, uncle Todd that is, plays alongside him. Uncle Niall was a regular for The Hakes last season. Grandfather, Paul, is an ex St Ives player and long serving committee man at the club. Grandmother Nicola is the current club secretary. Great Grandfather Brian is the President of the Colts and has held many and varied positions at the club. Now, I may not have all the facts absolutely correct, but they are near enough for you to get the picture.

While Jamie may appear to have his focus on his rugby, our picture shows that he is as proud as any dad could be.

Congratulations and celebrations to Nancy and Jamie. Wonderful news.


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