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Success in Japan for Two Colts

George Sanders and Luke Allatt, both from St Ives Colts, have returned from competing in this year’s Sanix Tournament. They were a part of the Truro College rugby academy squad.

Each team is invited from across the rugby playing nations, with four pools of four teams. Truro in Pool A, had a very successful time, winning each of their three matches:

  • Seoul National University High School (Korea) 43:3 [HT: 31:3]

  • Tokai University Gyosei High School (Osaka, Japan) 20:15 [HT 0:10]

  • Saga Technical High School (Saga, Japan) 47:3 [HT 14:3]

As winners of Pool A they then played the second rank side from Pool B in the quarter final:

  • Iwami Chisuakun High School (Shimane, Japan) 24:21 [HT 17:6].

This was a much closer contest for the Cornish boys, with a strong second half challenge eventually overcome. The semi-final was where the academy bubble burst:

  • Higashi Fukuoka High School (Fukuoka, Japan) 5:67 [HT 5:12]

After an evenly matched first half, the Truro challenge totally faltered. The effect of Japan beating South Africa in the world cup cannot be overestimated. Money, time and talent is pouring into the development of rugby across the country.

In the third and fourth place play off the Truro squad found life just as difficult and took fourth place overall after another heavy defeat:

  • Rotorua Boys’ High School (NZ) 12:75 [HT 12:21]

This time the academy fought back well after a disappointing first half. Although they finished with two defeats, the abiding result will show that the Cornish lads finished fourth overall. The club is delighted and proud to have George Sanders and Luke Allatt representing us in such an auspicious rugby festival and trusts they had an amazing experience.

For all the results, and to brush up on your reading of Japanese follow the links below:

  • Watch the third fourth place play off below:

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