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Message from the Committee

This message first appeared on our Facebook page, from where it is now copied & pasted.

"There has been much rumour concerning St Ives Rugby Club in the last few weeks. In an attempt to quell the more colourful stories, there will be a meeting for all members who wish to attend in the next week or so; please check on the club web-site or St Ives Times and Echo for details.

The club has not closed and it has not been sold for housing.

League Withdrawal

Due to a shortage of available players, it has been decided to withdraw from forthcoming league fixtures whilst we make a final attempt to recruit.

We acknowledge the hard work that D.O.R. Joff Rowe put in to try and achieve this over the close season and accepted his resignation with regret.

In the event that we are unsuccessful in attracting enough players of sufficient quality to be competitive in our current league, we will withdraw from the league for this season and seek friendly fixtures with local clubs. It would be our intention to rejoin the league structure next season at the most appropriate level, having regard to our playing strength at the time.

Last season, our nearest league fixture was with Launceston RFC and this season there is no other Cornish club at our level. Our most distant opponent is 226 miles away and it is difficult to maintain players' enthusiasm when such distances are involved.

Whilst we would not have wanted to be in this position, we must look at the opportunities that may present themselves.

The Youth Section is unaffected by this issue and it would be a benefit if we can offer enjoyable rugby in the future to some younger players who would have struggled at South West League level.

With the support of our remaining players, coaches, committee and members, we will not just survive, but thrive."

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