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Boxing Day: On or Off?

Please allow me to relate what I have been asked to state and what I believe to be the latest, albeit, unofficial news regarding Boxing Day.

Not The Lions

Last Friday Hayle said they were not able to bring a side over to us. This seemed a little odd since they were able to field a winning side against Tavistock at the weekend. The away win 12:15 was as welcome to us across the bar, as it wasfor our Cornish rivals; especially for one who plied his profession there for thirty two years. We all prefer to see the Cornish clubs doing well. So, with students returning from university and others home for Christmas, what better way to spend Boxing Day.

On the other hand, Hayle lost heavily in our meeting earlier in the season and they entertain us as soon as 16th January in the league. Perhaps the possibility of another heavy defeat was not favourite. They understand the loss of revenue for The Hakes and have agreed to play here at The Rec in 2016.

No Boxing Day Game?

This morning (Tuesday 22nd) I was asked to report that there was no game at the club over Christmas. As I sat to complile this blog post, my wife picked up a thread on Facebook to the effect that THERE IS TO BE A GAME OF RUGBY ON BOXING DAY! I then soon after recieved a phone call asking me to referee. I am afraid the Reserves v Culdrose demonstrated to me that my 'reffing' days are now in the past; (something to do with willing spirit, but weak flesh).

However, I can confirm that there will be two St Ives teams on the field, picked from a pool of roughly forty willing souls, encorporating a smattering of Chiefs, reserves, youth, veterans and the aged, those who play regularly and those who grace the field more sporadically. It promises to be most entertaining and a good excuse for us all to meet up in the clubhouse afterwards.

If you would like to referee and you have the necessary experience and ability, please step up to the plate. If you wish to have a game please contact Liam Nankervis or Mark Rowe. Further details of the teams and meeting times etc. will be supplied in due course. Watch this space.

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