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Boxing Day teams announced

Mild weather brings players out of hibernation

A glittering array of St Ives men from far and near have been convinced by Mark Rowe, Ian Sanders & Liam Nankervis that it would be a good idea to don their rugby apparell this Boxing Day. The usual clash with the boys from across The Bar is cancelled. In its place a stupendous group of lads intend to run off the excesses of turkey, chocolates, cake, pickles and alcohol; all in one 'fowl' swoop, in good spirit, well contested, without fouls.

DoR comes to the bench

What a credit to the town that there is, amongst its avenues and alley ways, such a wealth of talent just waiting for the opportunity to grace the field with skill, poise, balance, power, speed, agility; in short, nothing less than beauty. This is encapsulated in the form of one replacement, our very own DoR!

So, if you want some rugby entertainment in its most classical style, where anything may happen and probably will, where players of former days still believe their skill set and fitness is intact and ready to be unleashed, where young bloods are keen to show 'the oldies' how to play the game 'nowadays', then all roads lead to St Ives RFC on Boxing Day afternoon. This promises to be a beast of a contest and incredible fun at the same time, especially for those who are watching!

Make sure to join us in the clubhouse afterwards.

Many thanks to the three wise men who have helped to make this happen.

St Ives RFC XV

1. C. Olds

2. J. Stevens

3. L. Trudgeon

4. Z. Cashmore

5. T. Prisk

6. D. Harry

7. J. Ninnes

8. J. Prisk

9. D. Loake

10. P. Skeggs

11. T. Carver

12. L. Allett

13. G. Rees

14. T. Murray

15. N. Prisk


B. Wilkins

J. Hill

B. Carver

D. Gibson

O. Claryboom

M. Sherris

P. Prisk (Player/coach)

St. Ives Exiles/Vets XV

1. M. Eager

2. D. Bramwell

3. B. Rouncefield

4. D. Hart

5. M. Pascoe

6. J. Gibson

7. J. Curnow

8. R. Baragwaneth

9. N. Perkin

10. J. Rowe

11. J. Binney

12. J. Palmer

13. J. Rouncefield

14. C. Murray

15. L. Taylor


J. Rowe

D. Bassett

S. Turnbull

I. Veal

P. Sanders

I. Sanders

J. Paul

J. Navin

J-P. Bassett

B. Trevorrow

S. Harry

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