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Brothers, Fathers & Sons

Many readers will remember that St Ives appeared on BBC 2's Rugby Special some years ago with a story about fielding an entire team from the Stevens family.

On Boxing Day more family combinations took to the rugby field and it is worth celebrating the occasion and recording it here on the website. I am not sure of who took the photos, but bravo to them for doing so.

Clockwise from top left:

  • Paul Prisk with sons, Jamie, Todd and Niall;

  • Brett Rouncefield with son, Joe;

  • Russell Baragwanath and son, Robert;

  • Brothers Tom and Chris Murray;

  • James Perkin and son, Neil;

Add to this the brothers that play together in the first team:

  • Paul and Grant Thirlby;

  • Louis and Tony Stevens;

The club was and remains one with a family atmosphere. Long may it continue.


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