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Western Counties Travelling

With the 2016-2017 season all but upon us, with the opening match against Cullompton on Saturday 3rd September, now is a good time to consider which games to consider when it comes to away matches. With two Cornish sides relegated from Western Counties last season, St Ives and Bude will bring the number back to what it was.

Cornish games will be against Truro, Wadebridge, St Austwell and Bude. Wellington and Burnham-on-Sea are Somerset opponents, while the rest are in Devon. These two teams became the most westerly in the Western Counties north league and were allocated places because the three relegated teams from South West 1 West were placed in Western Counties north. Burnham and Wellington moved acrooss. This kept the required number of teams at fourteen.

Most games are not a great distance from the A30-M5 spine which will help travel time. The times given in the chart are not necessarily for a Saturday afternoon, but they are consistent, all times being calculated at the same time courtesy of Google maps. (Other search engines for travel are available).

Fig.1 Distance chart in miles

Fig.2 Location map of Western Counties clubs

Fig.3 Travel time chart in minutes using most popular route

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