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St Ives Gain RFU Accredtation

St Ives RFC has received the coveted RFU Accreditation award.

The RFU says of the scheme…

“The RFU hopes that clubs will be both challenged by the process and enjoy it. It will allow clubs to exhibit all that is good about rugby in their adult sections, mini and youth, women and girls and touch rugby, while demonstrating that this is all achieved in a friendly, welcoming environment.”

The scheme, launched in 2012, asks a club interested in the award to look at six key drivers that will assist the development of the game in a friendly environment across gender and age groups.

  1. Retaining & Developing Players

  2. Recruiting New Players

  3. Recruiting & Retaining High Quality Coaches, Volunteers & Referees

  4. Effective & Efficient Facilities

  5. Effective & Efficient Management and Governance

  6. Integration with the Local Community

Left to right: Vice Chair, Phil Allen, Chair, Andrew Baragwanath, Cwll. President, Peter James, Cwll. Chair, Dennis Preece.

Vice chairman, Phil Allen, has put in an immense amount of work, time, effort and energy on behalf of the club and is delighted with the outcome. The club takes this opportunity to recognise his endeavour and appreciates what he accomplishes, so often in the background.

The award was presented before the fixture against Hornets last Saturday, after the pre-match buffet. Cornwall RFU Chairman, Dennis Preece, gave words of introduction, before inviting Phil and chairman, Andrew Baragwanath, to receive the award. President of Cornwall RFU, Peter James, made the presentation after some warmly chosen words for the club’s achievement.

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