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Letter of Resignation from DoR


It is with a heavy heart that I break the news that the game this weekend will not go ahead.

We are missing front row cover, second rows and have a handful of injuries which those players should not be taking to the field.

I have a duty to worry about player safety and of course the history of the club.

This is the right decision.

I apologise for the issues that seem to have come from nowhere in May and have dramatically escalated over the past few months.

The match has been called off, but the club remains defiant that it will continue.

I ask for your continued support in the coming weeks.

I ask that you train regularly and make your self available to support the club.

This club has worked extremely hard to maintain the status we have today and is it sad to pull the game.

Player recruitment and retention has played a major part.

It has not been nice to have this issue on my watch and the last 6 months it has been extremely difficult. For that reason, and other reasons I will not go into, I have resigned from the post with immediate effect.

The league has been informed and Cleve RFC notified ref. Saturday’s match.

There are many reasons why this year has failed

  • Travel

  • Ambition of others

  • Geography

  • Perhaps me

But I can assure you I have provided every ounce of hard work to make it happen.

Maybe a new face will lift the club.

Please support the coaches to continue.

I wish you all and those that have left the very best in this wonderful game.

I will be leaving the group shortly and ask that if any one wishes to contact me please do so on my mobile.

Kind regards


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