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Hakes Rugby in the New Year

Followers of St Ives RFC will be acutely aware that the first XV have played only three fixtures this season. Their league, Tribute Cornwall 2, concludes its fixtures on Saturday 20th November. What will happen then? What fixtures might be set up after that date?

Cornwall 2 promotion will have been decided by the 20th November. St Ives currently head the table and look set for promotion being clear of the other teams.

Cornwall 1 complete their fixture list on Saturday 18th December, where upon they will know who is to be promoted and relegated for the start of next season (2021-2022).

While there is little to talk about with our lack of fixtures so far this season, the following information is still under discussion and awaiting final RFU approval. However, it gives us all something to mull over.

New Leagues

The idea is that 3 leagues of 6 teams and one of 7 teams are created from Cornwall 1 (7 teams), Cornwall 2 (5 teams), Duchy East (7 2nd teams) and Duchy West (6 2nd teams). Quite how the make up of these leagues will look like remains somewhat of a mystery. Presumably, the idea would be to give clubs a fresh challenge playing different opposition than staying within their current league. This would create 10 new fixtures from January 2022, 5 home and 5 away, or 12 for the league of 7.

Play Offs

On completion of these fixtures, the top side from each league would play for a cup with semi finals and a final. There would be plate, vase and shield competitions for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th in each league. In theory this would generate plenty of interest for players and spectators and certainly help to keep clubs going throughout the remainder of the season. The downside, as has been evident already, is the likelihood of walk overs due to inability to raise a side prepared to travel across the county, where finance may become more of an issue. It is, therefore, essential that considerable thought goes into the geographical structure of these potential leagues and the ability of clubs to fulfil fixtures. Sides like Bodmin, currently heading Tribute Cornwall 1, also have a 2nd team in Duchy East. They would need to be in different league, one supposes.

Please bear in mind that this is all just a possibility. Cornwall RFU have recently met to continue discussions about it becoming reality. St Ives RFC were represented at that meeting. We await further news and development. In the meantime, below are the various leagues as they stand. How would you sort them into four new leagues?

Tribute Cornwall 1

Tribute Cornwall 2

Duchy League East

Duchy League West


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