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It's all in our hands again!

Shock defeat for Withycombe at home

While The Hakes were showing that the disappointment of last week is well behind them with a bonus point win at Tavistock by 19 points to 45, rivals for second spot, Withycombe, were handing back the destiny of promotion into our hands. They were surprisingly defeated by 12 points to 3 in a home match against Plymstock Albion Oaks.

This means The Hakes have the opportunity to gain the runners up spot with a home win when Withcombe visit us. We currently have a better points difference, which may make all the difference. To use one of our sponsors' mantras, "every little helps". Of course, we also need to win all the other matches, so every game is vital, starting with Pirates Amateurs at home next week.

Well done St Ives for a bonus win yesterday. Well done Plymstock Albion Oaks, who we meet for our last home game on Saturday 23rd April, the date for a special event at the club. Keep that date!

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